About National Radio

National Radio is Motorola's first Houston two way radio dealership appointed in 1987. In late 1988 this business changed it's name from National Tower to the current National Radio. The founder, Dan Long, has industry history as a Motorola salesman in 1968 and then finishing as an account executive in 1976. In 1984 he returned to the 2-way radio industry where he is now president of National Radio.

The company has always been a nation wide, and often world wide, vendor of 2-way radio brands such as Motorola, Vertex/Standard, ICOM, Midland and several others. Our specialty has always been a relationship based core helping the customer find the product that fits their needs best with the greatest value for their dollar.

Service ....... We service nearly every brand and model radio. We are value leaders in this service with excellent prices and our mantra is "our customers don't want their repair to cost more than the radio is worth!" In practice we fix most of even the oldest radios for a percentage below the "today's value" of the unit. We are fast. In only days your radio is on it's way back, and we rarely receive a call asking: ..why they don't have their radio back yet. Read more about our two-way radio service department.

National Radio answers phone calls with real humans!  There is no menu or voicemail jail. The person that answers the phone, answers your questions or directs your call to the person that can.  It's that simple.

Over the years National Radio has garnered the coveted "Pinnacle Club" award from Motorola three times. We find the award we like best though is when a customer says "Thanks. You have helped me better than any one else."

The 2-way dealer industry has morphed exponentially with new technology. We have followed a well defined path in growth avoiding the cell phone, paging, Nextel, 800 trunking, amateur radio, CB and scanner businesses that have caused so many to falter. This allows our strength to grow year after year to serve customers with dedicated excellence.

The rare business problem is always solved to the customer's satisfaction. The owner of the company, Dan Long, is always accessible to all customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Those who have done business with us over the past twenty years need to know something very important. All of us at National Radio are grateful for your business every day. We never forget that it puts bread on our tables, and many of you have become lifetime friends.

Our dedicated team of employees are committed to doing the right thing for our customers every time.  They work very hard every day at answering your questions and handling your radio needs.  Talk to them and you’ll see!